Thursday, February 01, 2007


So - Guess what -- WE are all sick --
STREP THROAT is in the house again

really how many times can one family
get this ????

Heath and I were both able to get shots
yesterday so today I feel like a brand new
person -- ALMOST HUMAN ;)
and the kids are on the liquid - so far
they aren't really whinning about taking it
but they will be on it for 10 days so ask me
about this later

Sharing another layout - hope you like it :D


Gretchen said...

oh Shawnna! I am so sorry to hear this - I hope you all get better soon. I saw the comment you posted on my blog but I don't have your email address to reply... can you send me an email please? I want to be able to say hi properly and answer you about my 28 Days class at BPS. Thanks! I'll talk to you soon!!!

Christal said...

Maybe that is what is wrong with me.. Felt horrible for last couple of days and throat is raw! Sorry to hear you are all sick.. Saying a prayer that you all feel better soon! Christal :)