Monday, April 16, 2007

answered PRAYERS

Isn't it GREAT when God answers our PRAYERS

Last night I was working on this weeks Preschool stuff

and I was so tired and overwhelmed with all that is/was on

my plate - I had been telling Heath that there really wasn't

anything that I could say NO to -- It all had to be done - and

it all HAS to be DONE by TODAY -- SCARY --




Preschool Stuff

Challenge for TSR

tons of Forms and stuff for FOSTER CARE


make Dentist appointments (these are WAY overdue)

take ebay pictures

then all of a sudden I just decided to pray and I asked God to bring Linda

back soon -- I was thinking maybe after this week ????


I get a call this morning from the Asst. Director saying that

Linda is coming back tomorrow -- YEAH!!!!!

so really it didn't lighten my workload for yesterday or today

but it was some light at the end of the tunnel that i desperately needed :D

Here is a layout I did a couple of weeks ago for a challenge on TSR

inspiration for the tree came from this card

1 comment:

gloria said...

i love that LO!!
very cool tree, love the colors!!