Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Continued BUSY - NESS

So much going on in our Family right now -

We are Taking classes to become FOSTER PARENTS
Heath has a few Job opportunities that could possibly move our family OUT OF STATE
I am planning a joint BIRTHDAY PARTY for the kids
and I am still taking care of the PRESCHOOL CLASS

THAT ALL feels like a LOT right now -- but in the big scheme of things I know these things/decisions are TINY --

GOD has got everything UNDER CONTROL!!!
and I am trying to enjoy the ride
(sometimes with teeth clinched - but never the less - I am trying) ;)


Christal said...

Foster Parenting is such a joy~ You will love it and be blessed even on the tough days when they may return to their parents. It isnt for every one, and I am glad to see you are doing it. There needs to be more people that do! My hubby and I fostered and then adopted 2 boys. Good luck~

ashlee said...

on the job issue, if God lets me vote I bet you can guess what it is:)