Wednesday, May 23, 2007

5-19-2007 Double Whammy

We had a combined birthday party for the kids this weekend. Everyone seemed to have fun. Heath was even pleased with the party, which I was a little concerned about.
This was the first year we have ever had a party outside of our home. I usually make everything for the kids parties - goodie bags - decor etc. and my mother in law usually makes the cakes. All in all I usually spend a little over $100 bucks for everything and then I of course have to clean the house before and after the party. So we figured that if they doubled up(their birthdays are only 2 months apart) we could afford to do one birthday party for them both. We had it at Monkey Bizness (which is similar to Pump it Up)but it has a rock wall and was $50 cheaper :D BONUS!!! So I think we broke even in the $$$ department.
However, we learned a HUGE LESSON. We will not be combining the kids birthdays EVER AGAIN. Let me start by saying we had the party in the morning so I knew some people wouldn't be able to make it. I let the children invite 26 people each just for this reason (I was guessing about half would show). But NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think that Noah would only have ONE CHILD attend his party -- out of 26 invites -- this isn't including his cousin and his neighborhood friend which were shoe ins. There were 26 others invited outside of these two. Honestly I was concerned that TOO MANY kids would come and that I would be paying for them all individually. Makenna had about half of her friends show up, which I think made Noah feel even worse. He didn't pout at the party but I could tell he was disappointed. WHO WOULDN'T BE. Personally I was CRUSHED for him. He really was a trooper about it.
He is so FRIENDLY to EVERYONE -- and I really mean that -- I am not just saying that because he is my child. He is an awesome KIND HEARTED kid. I know that sometimes children don't receive him as well as he (and I) would like. They don't understand his tics. They think he is weird and often tell him this to his face. He tries to explain Tourette Syndrome to them but all they see is that it makes him different. Different from THEM and at the ripe old age of 8 different doesn't mean cool or unique in their eyes. Maybe as Parents we should try and change that.
So today I am sharing his picture. A picture of a handsome young boy who has the whole world ahead of him. We are all different and we should CELEBRATE that. It makes us who we are. We are, after all, FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY MADE.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my heart is breaking for him. My DS is not exactly popular at school. He is not agressive and not a super jock, although he plays sports and gives 110%. He is always cheering on the underdog and makes friends with kids who get picked on. I don't know why so many kids are cruel. I am an adult and still don't understand it! Happy Birthday to Noah!!!!!

Mixed Up Me said...

What a handsome boy indeed! Wishing him the best this year and always!!!

Christi said...

OH MY GOSH.. I am totally crying! I love my Noah! He is the best kid ever in my eyes.. I know that doesnt help coming from his aunt. Kids are so mean.. I know for JonCollin having ADHD it sets him apart from the other kids and he is made fun of all the time. My heart just goes out to Noah. Tell him I love him and I will see him in a couple of weeks when we are there!

jake said...

Aw Shawna... I feel for Noah... my boy was never included throughout lower schools, always picked on, always left out. He too is a kind caring soul, the first to befriend anyone who seems lost or afraid. Other kids don't like that, but take heart girlie. Since Vin started upper school he's really grown and takes it all in his stride. He learned guitar - and he's really good too. He has some friends and life is better for him. Just keep loving that sweet handsome boy of yours who knows maybe it'll all turn around and he'll find his place. I hope so.

big hugs for you and Noah, and your pretty little lady too!

jk xx