Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Sweet Girl

little miss makenna is getting bigger and bigger - so grown up lately -- wants to wear clear lipgloss and her GAP shades --
caught her singing Hannah Montana while standing on the couch looking in the mirror yesterday -- Where did my little girl go??

If you spot her somewhere let me know ;)


ashlee said...

she is beautiful grown up!

Christal said...

Hi Shawnna,
Now you will know I stopped by your blog, LOL! Sorry I sent you a Message On SisTv, but I didnt say I was me ( Christal) Just 5MoreMiles... LOL! Anyway I commented LOL!!! Now you know I was here, and I have commented before!

shawnna said...

Not sure what is up with my blog
have been trying to get in to post but it will not let me -- blogger tech support is virtually non existent so will post as soon as I can