Thursday, December 06, 2007

11th Hour

Ever notice how it is always in the 11th hour


God does something so wonderful only HE could have made it happen. I seem to find myself in some sticky situations - some big mistakes - and right when i start to get a little panic-y --- a little UNCOMFORTABLE -- HE rushes in to my rescue

I have to admit it is pretty awesome having JESUS as my SUPERHERO -

now don't misunderstand me - I don't think HE protects me from everything - after all it is the struggles that build our character and our faith -- but I can't help but smile when HE busts in and totally saves the day


Shauna said...

I just linked to your blog for fun ...mostly because we have the same name! You blog was very uplifting for me today! Have a great one!

mom2mgec said...

Did you sell your house???

shawnna said...

tNo - didn't sell the house - NOT YET ANYWAY -- I know that God will take care of that though when He is ready :D

ashlee said...

its ALWAYS in the 11th hour isn't it! I think He wants us to see Him just as you the superhero! because He is!

You must bring the essentials...paper adhesive and pictures!