Thursday, October 15, 2009

personal updates

Scrolling through my blog and I can't help but notice that I have been posting mostly "crafty" things and not so much personal "schtuff". It seems that this is my life, either I am coasting through with craft projects or there is so much drama that I can't find my mojo. I will say I love how things have been going. Knock on Wood. But in an effort to give you a little peek into my life I will sum it up in a song......just kidding. How about bullet points.

  • Going to school full-time. Still working on becoming a Registered Nurse. A&P is really giving me a run for my money.
  • Recently became a CNA. Requirement here to enter the Nursing Program.
  • My littles are growing faster than the speed of light. Noah is away as I type on his first overnight school trip.....tear
  • My husband has helped in ways I never knew he could (starting to think he was only pretending that he couldn't do laundry for all those years).
  • Member of the Doubleshot Design Team at The Scrap Room. Love having deadlines and having a reason to make myself scrap. A lot of time my fun scrapping time gets put on the back burner but no longer.
  • Last but certainly not least --- PUMPKIN SPICE CREAMER is out finally - the moment I wait for all year long.

Happy Times


Edie van den Ordel said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE pumpkin anything!! So glad to see pumpkin this time of year! Glad to see your playing along with the "shutterbugs"

Angela said...

I LOVE pumpkin spice creamer; it is the second best thing to my Pumpkin Spice Latte. :) Girl I totally feel for you. My life has been so chaotic too, but I am determined to get it all more manageable. {{HUGS}}

Shazza said...

Hi Shawnna,

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Thanks and cheers

Angela W said...

I love that creamer also! Sounds like things are going well for you guys! Glad to hear it!