Thursday, October 29, 2009


Makenna came home today and told me that she cried at school today. She was overwhelmed with emotion. Sad that she never met her big brother. She said she just couldn't hold it in any longer.
As with any parent - it hurts me when my children hurt. I want to fix this for her, wave my magic mommy wand and make everything right. Seems there well always be a "empty" spot at our table where he should be sitting.
I miss him everyday but sometimes on days like today it feels as if I have lost him all over again
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Nicole Maki said...

I'll be lifting you both up to the Lord in prayer tonight.

Some days are hard - especially when you've lost someone.


Angela W said...

So sorry that your daughter is hurting. I am glad that you listed the story for me to go back to read. I remember not long after we met you told me you had lost a son, but of course I didn't ask questions. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I am sitting here at work while I read your story. I had to stop many times to compose myself. I am glad you realized it wasn't your fault. I know it is hard at times, but what keeps getting me through is knowing everything happens for a reason. Much love and hugs to you and your family!