Monday, August 13, 2007

The CRaZyNeSS that is MY LIFE

right now -- this season -- it will pass -- and then i will look back and LAUGH at my worries - at my fears - at all the WRINKLES my anxiety has given me :D :D

Went back to the doctor last thursday to find out that all 3 tumors WERE NOT BENIGN one was and 2 of the test were inconclusive -- I guess when the doctor emails you "everything is ok, come and see me when you are back in town" it isn't the same as EVERYTHING IS BENIGN -- ooopsie -- at least i was able to relax some on the latter part of my vacation. So all of that being said I have an appointment on the 20th to meet with the surgeon for a pre op appointment. Will be having a subtotal thyroidectomy unless when they get in there it is cancer and if so they will have to remove everything. No worries (not too many at least) this way i will not have to see my endochrinologist every two months, but only once a year -- and what is a 4-5 inch scar on my neck anyway - NO BIG DEAL -- IT WILL BE SUPER COOL COME HALLOWEEN TIME -- at least this is what i am hoping - and if not guess i can invest in some turtlenecks

Thanks again for all your well wishes and cyber HUGS ;)

they are greatly appreciated

LoVE and BLESsInGs to you all


Christal said...

Shawnna, Keep having faith and keep being strong! Have faith and keep saying and speaking OUTLOUD THIS IS NOT cancer! The devil can hear you, and you just tell him off!

ashlee said...

glad to hear this stuff!! God is healing you as we speak, right!?!

send me some pics of vacation when you get around to it:)