Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Surgery is Scheduled

UPDATE (they changed it to MONDAY AUG 27th 2007)

found out yesterday that my surgery is
scheduled for Aug 30th at 10:30 am

so I have less than 8 days WOW - not a lot
of time to get all these little things around here done
and do a through CLEANING - Guess I will have
to be happy with just doing what I can :D

Noah is still improving - and I am SO SO THANKFUL
to see him walking around

The kids will start school on Monday -- seems like
the summer just zoomed by -- they are both VERY
EXCITED about it -

will try to update as much as possible but it really
just depends on how busy i am until the surgery and
how I feel after the surgery

Thanks for everyones prayers and support - I know
He hears you :D :D

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