Sunday, August 19, 2007

Last Week's Run Down

SUNDAY (today) Laundry - grocery list/menu - Heath went to buy the groceries - catch up on email and paperwork - hopefully pay some bills -- Noah has already improved so much - he can walk up and down the stairs now - slowly but surely

SATURDAY - They said he had Transient Synovitis - and it can last 1 -3 weeks but he was able to go home - We were so thankful it wasn't something more serious - got home from Texas Childrens Hospital around 8am - So we slept for most of the day

FRIDAY - Noah had an X ray in the morning and his 2nd appointment for the day at 2:20 - his dr. said that the xray showed that his bone was protruding a bit (because of fluid) and that is labs also showed signs of fluid build up - he would need and ultrasound and probably have to have the fluid drained -- THIS IS WHEN I STARTED TO FREAK A LITTLE - She tried to get a hold of some pediatric orthopedics but they were all gone for the day already - She said we needed to take him down to Texas Children's Hospital and have him seen - apparently this fluid can damage the bone if it is left untreated - When Noah heard that he would have to go to the dr. AGAIN (this would be the 6th time in 2 days) all he could say was "I am not going to have to miss High School Musical 2, am I ??" I asked the dr. if he needed to go right away or if it was something that could wait until either his dad got off of work or possibly in the morning - she said she didn't want us to wait any longer than the morning
Noah got to watch High School Musical and when heath got home from work we took him down town to the Children's Hospital. They did an ultrasound (which was painful for him) and could see the fluid - since it was clear they said they weren't sure if they would drain it or not - his white blood cell count was normal also indicating that it wasn't infection so they tried to get in touch with his pediatrician to see if they wanted him to be observed for 24 hours - this took a while and around 7:15 am they came in and said Noah would be able to go home and we would just have to give him his meds and watch him and if it got worse bring him back in -- I was so so so happy that they didn't need to drain it --

THURSDAY - Noah woke up limping still. Noah had an appt. with his pediatrician in the A.M. - HE HAS STREP THROAT ? Crazy - no fever - no complaints of sore throat - but sure enough a positive throat culture - She didn't seem too concerned with his leg.
That afternoon he had an appointment with his Neurologist who could obviously tell he was in pain - by this time it was much worse and Heath and I were carrying him - at one point heath thought we should just skip his Neurologist appointment and take him straight to the ER - anyway the Neurologist recommended we either take him back to the dr. or take him to the ER - We stopped at my brother in laws house so he could give him a quick look see (he is an RN in the ER) He thought it might just be a pulled groin muscle. I wasn't really sure if it was something that warranted an ER visit or not so we called his dr. and since it was already after 4pm they told us to take him to the after hours clinic - they ended up doing some blood work (NOAH DIDN'T LIKE THIS PART AT ALL) and set him up for an Xray for the following day and another appointment. They were thinking it was Post Streptoccal Anthropothy were the strep virus settles in a joint causing it to collect fluid and become inflammed

WEDNESDAY - house stuff - Wed. evening Noah said his leg was hurting - he woke up in the middle of the night and was limping - I thought maybe he slept on it funny or something

TUESDAY - My last day of work - Officially a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) again :D :D

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Michael Ann said...

Girlfriend, you need a hug. We're praying for ya.