Tuesday, March 25, 2008

3/24 crazy drama ... but what did you expect

We made it here safely a week and a half ago and we are STILL HERE

we have had several hiccups in our planned mini "VACATION".

Right before we left a gentleman wanted to rent our house - we didn't think much of it at first but he was very persistant so we met with him here in houston and decided we would rent it to him -- at the last minute (paperwork in hand) he tells us there is another house he is interested in that is closer to his exwife (he is a police officer here and he and his wife have recently divorced but share custody of their 2 children)anyway he didn't think the owners of the other house were willing to take it off the market for the year so he didn't think it would work out - he said he would let us know in two days

He ended up getting the other house and at this point we hadn't packed a single thing - because if he was going to rent it we would have the relocation company send out the movers (which is paid for by dh's company) with the $$ from the rent we would have just paid for an extra storage building to hold the stuff that won't fit into our apartment

so now we were trying to pack in a flash only to find out that all the things we needed like CLOTHES BEDS COUCH LOVESEAT TABLE wouldn't fit in the trailor we had hauled all the way to houston (the one we had to borrow my moms gas guzzling yukon to pull to houston AGAINST the wind ) so once everything was loaded we had no room for our table / any office stuff / or coffee table / or my scrap stuff


I thought i was going to break down at the point we ended up deciding to unload all the stuff in the living room -- and call the relocation company anyway -- SO we packed all that stuff for NOTHING

all this and i didn't even mention the medical drama

first it started off with the dr. office they didn't order enough thyrogen serum -- so i was only give 2 injections instead of 3 ??? not sure if it make a difference but it stinks when people drop the ball -- then on the day i was supposed to have the scan I get to the hospital (at crack 30 in the morning - and yall know i am NOT a morning person) and they take me back to nuclear medicine only to find out that they had me down for the WRONG scan -- i needed a whole body scan and they had me down for a whole body BONE scan -- so then I am told I will have to come back later that afternoon to take the radioactive iodine and I will have to stay in houston another day and a half to have the scan i planned the "vacation" around --- UGGGGH -- so it wasn't huge but dh had to call his district manager and take extra time off when their store is having a HORRIBLE month (which made me feel so guilty)

anyway I go back to the hospital to get the radioactive iodine and it hasn't arrived -- apparently it was stuck in new england due to bad weather and the flight was delayed -- OMGosh -- i am really freaking at this point because we CANNOT delay this any longer (keep in mind i was still trying to pack the house at this time) all I kept thinking was DH is going to loose his job - not to mention the stress i was under just about taking the test - I think i might have slept a total of 2 hours the night before at 4:30 I finally get to take the radioactive iodine (they closed at 5)

now LUCKY ME - i can't kiss dh or anyone for that matter -- or share a bed with him -- and i was back to flushing the toilet twice (very similar restrictions as my radiation back in oct)But I was rejoicing because this meant I was that much closer to getting the FREAKIN scan over with -- which wouldn't take place for another 48 hours

so skip two days which envolved packing and then dissappointment when it didn't fit

and that brings you to SCAN DAY (Friday) Heath and I had decided to leave Houston once the scan was over that after noon - even though we wouldn't get back to Tulsa until midnight. I was supposed to start the scan as soon as i arrived but there was an emergency in ER that required the machine so i was set back about an hour - they finally take me back and start the scan which takes about 50 minutes or so after it is all finished i am asked to wait - and then a gentleman comes to talk to me about possibly having to have more pics taken and would it be possible for me to stay in town until MONDAY because they wouldn't be able to do them until then ?? now I am freakin -- thinking OMG do i have cancer again??? so anyway he says that he wants me to hang around town and he will put a rush on it and see if 2 of the dr's can look over it and he will call me within two hours -- What was i gonna say..... ummm..... OK ???

so now we are waiting and we get a call about an hour and a half later saying I CAN LEAVE ???? still a little perplexed but I will take it

but now hubby and i realize we will not arrive back in Tulsa until after 2 in the morning so we will leave SATURDAY morning -- anyway we get to talking and realize it didn't make much sense for me to go back to Tulsa when i was going to have to come back and meet the movers in a week or two - and with gas prices being as high as they are it was more cost effective to just stay

so here i am in houston -- at my in laws house (my house is still packed up) with no car and with no Dh to cuddle with at night

BUT The GOOD NEWS is I will talk to my doctor tomorrow about the results of my scan so KEEP Your Fingers crossed for me ...... I will let you guys know as soon as I do but I am expecting SUPER FAB RESULTS

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