Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 12

We are heading to Houston for the week :D
We will be going to Houston tomorrow to visit and to pack up the essentials from our house (which still hasn't sold) We are going to be moving into an apartment soon.

I will also be doing my first full body scan since becoming cancer free in November.

We originally planned this as a VACATION trip then I found out I needed the scan - which was totally fine-- i thought it would be an in and out kind of thing -- but it turns out I will be going to the dr. 4 out of the 7 days we will be in Houston - BUMMER -- I have to get 3 days worth of injections and lab work and then the final day will be the scan - Please pray that I will get a clean bill of health and that the doctor will be able to adjust my meds so that my thyroid levels will be in the appropriate range.

We will also be packing up the things we need from our house so that we will be able to move into an apartment in April --(can you say 2 house payments OUCH) They are saying that the apartment won't be ready until April 11 but I have my fingers crossed that it may be available sooner. Please pray that God will go before us and make this as smooth of a transition as possible

we will be enrolling the kids in school after we return from Houston. They are both excited and nervous.

I will be going back to work part time to help with the apartment costs -- but it is at a LSS - the one I worked at when we lived in OK before -- SUPER EXCITED about that

LOTS of changes coming up

Thanks for your prayers

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