Thursday, January 22, 2009


Angela passed this "Your Blog is Fabulous!" award to me. I am thrilled that she chose me. If you haven't had the chance to check out her blog before please do so now. So fun!!! If I understand this correctly I have to list five of my addictions and then I get to choose 5 people I would like to pass the award onto.

1. Anything scrap related (buttons, ribbon, and you can't forget paper.... oh that glorious paper)
2. the kits and my friends at THE SCRAPROOM
3. Hedgehogs, mermaids, owls, toadstools, and of course FLIP FLOPS
4. Bible Study workbooks ( I am on the hunt for a new study ....feel free to leave suggestions)
5. Target and their Archer Farms BLACK PEPPER and SEA SALT potato chips

Award Winners
1. Steph and all her HOMEGROWN HOSPITALITY
2. Ashlee with all of her craftiness
3. nienie her story just tugs at my heart
4. Big Mama - love her sense of humor and well she lives in TEXAS .... she totally deserves a shout out ;)
5. Nitty Gritty - love her willingness to share so that others may see HIM
6. Angie Smith's blog BRING THE RAIN - because she has been through the ringer (or is that wringer?) and yet HIS love still shines -- and she is a great writer

Please don't forget to check out the links- their blogs are so inspiring :)


Angela W said...

I love Angie's Bring The Rain blog. How'd you find her? I found out about her from Jessica Turner's blog.

Big Mama said...

Thanks so much for the sweet award!