Monday, November 16, 2009


drove the kids to school this morning and upon leaving the school parking lot, I almost caused an accident. It would have been completely my fault.

There was a very tall white Tahoe next to me, waiting to turn right. I couldn't see over her vehicle but when she finally pulled out I looked left, I looked right, let my foot off the brake and as my eye was going back to the right I saw a white van pulling in front of me to turn into the parking lot. I applied my breaks and mouthed "I am so sorry" she mouthed something in return but it wasn't "it's okay" and it started with an "F" EEEEKKKKkkkkkkkk!!!!!

so to the lady I almost hit this morning:
Ma'am I am truly sorry. Please forgive me.

please note: I have an excellent driving record. I have never (knock on wood) caused an accident.

Not sure what happened this morning but I am totally blaming it on the fact that I did not have coffee. I think my eyes must have registered both white vehicles as only one vehicle??

it was just one of THOSE kinda days --

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