Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Had my appointment with the specialists today. Didn't go as well as I had hoped but then again I was thinking something along the lines of "Those tumors are A o.K. don't even worry about them - come back and see me in a year"

well needless to say it went a little differently

I HAD TO HAVE 3 biopsies -- OUCH!!!!

i think that was just cruel and unusual punishment
I mean someone jabbing a needle up/down all around very near your voice box -
- NOT PLEASENT not at all
and really there is barely any "meat" there
a couple of time i could have swore he stabbed me right in the throat
and the fact that the dr. said it would feel "sort of"
(looking back that sort of should have been a clue) like
having your blood drawn -- THIS WAS A BOLD FACE LIE
and he knew it -- after he did the first I think he thought I
wasn't going to let him continue -- but since dh was there

SO other than the painful needle jabbing -- and the fact that i heard the "C" word more times than i would like to it was a total success

Still sore but feeling much better than i did during the first two hours after the procedure

We will hopefully have some "C" free news next Tuesday

Please continue to keep me in your prayers


Michael Ann said...

Have fun at the retreat and try to keep your mind off of it. We're praying for you.

Christal said...

Shawnna, I am praying for complete peace to wash overyou, as well as all test to be normal. God CAN handle anything! Prayers and thoughts are pouring out for you~

Scrapbook Princess said...

You are in my thoughts, you are such an upbeat person, it will turn out well.

Christal said...

Shawnna, been checking for news on your complete healing... That is what I am praying for! Please let me know how you are doing! Lots of thoughts, hugs and PRAYERS!