Friday, July 20, 2007


the past week or two have been a tad overwhelming to say the least. Today it has been 11 years since the car accident that claimed the life of my little boy. This time of year is usually pretty tough, even after all these years.

As well as dealing with the feelings that this week brings up I have had 3 doctor appointments that... um... have been scary. Most people who know me know I don't always stay on top of my doctor appointments -- I mean we move A LOT - and at every new address I have to get a new
OB/GYN (not so much the ob part but i still need the gyn :D )
not to mention figure out where the nearest scrapbook store, Target, and Mall are ;) That is a lot to do ----so when we moved back to Houston I worked on getting everyone elses dr. appts and now about a year later I finally went for my visit.

Hadn't been feeling great for a few years now and had put on quite a bit of weight - I think I kind of knew something wasn't right and I mentioned it at my last visit but the dr. that saw me that day didn't seem concerned at all. So I went on about my merry way.

That brings us to last week -went for my "girly" visit and this doctor wanted to do some blood work so I had to come in during a particular "time of the month" - a specific day in fact and have the said blood work done -- When I returned for this appointment (MONDAY) the doctor noticed that my thyroid seemed enlarged so she ordered blood work for that - Then she said she wanted to have me get an ultrasound - Which I had on WEDNESDAY-

I was positive something was wrong when they did the ultrasound because it took longer than normal - The tech left 2 different times to speak to the dr. (not a good sign) and then when I tried to milk her for info she assured me that my dr. would be contacting me in the next 24 hours. ---- Also not good since I had to go to a different clinic to have the ultrasound in the first place -- They never turn them over that fast - it is usually a few days (2 or 3 AT LEAST) - another "not so great sign"

But I didn't have too much time to worry because I had to
go to work
then I had a hair appt.
then had to rush to pick up the kids
and finally pick up Heath
We we arrived home it was 7:30

Sure enough there was a message on my machine at 11:20am (my ultrasound was at 10am) from my doctor saying to call her back and that she needed to "discuss" the results with me
Since it was so late I was able to fret over the whole ordeal -- and boy was my mind in OverDRIVE -- I spoke with the doctor on Thursday and not only did they find a cyst and see that my thyroid was enlarged (i have previously had one removed- so i kind of figured there may be another one) but aparrently there were other "CAUSES FOR CONCERN"

they found abnormal growths both on my thyroid and in "OTHER AREAS" (really what ELSE could be in there)
and the Lab work concerned her as well
What this all means I HAVE NO IDEA

So now I get to go to my 4th dr's visit (during a 2 week period) to a Endocrinologist on Tuesday
Now REMEMBER I leave on Wednesday for my TSR RETREAT and I have already said I don't care if I have to drag an IV with me to KS - I am going on that darn retreat :D

So here is to FAITH


Michael Ann said...

We'll be praying for you Shawnna. Keep your chin up.

Christal said...

I will be praying for you Shawnna, please do keep us updated!

Erin said...

Hugs, my friend.

Edie said...

Shawnna sending big hugs and good thoughts your way. We are all here for you!!!


Eminepala said...

Aw girl... I happened to visit your blog for the first time and I'm shocked.

You will be in my prayers...


Janice Lund said...

Wow Shawnna, overwhelming doesn't even begin to describe how you must be feeling! I will be praying for you and sending you my positive vibes! If you need to talk know that I am here! Have fun in Kansas! Wish I was going! *******HUGS*******

ashlee said...

you will certainly be in my prayers:)

Jenny P (Pricegirl) said...

Sending lots of gentle hugs your way Shawnna! I hope that everything is a-ok. Will add you to my prayer list immediately though.

Jana said...

Shawnna, I could've written this post! Went in for a routine OB appt, found "something", had ultrasound and am now waiting for results and to hear from another Dr. and it's exasperating! I'll keep you in my prayers and ask that you do the same for me and we'll both be just fine!!!