Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Tomorrow is the big day
Well.... I guess since it is after 2am it is TODAY
So ready to just get this dr. appointment over with
Something in the back of my head is saying that
it is all fine and after I meet with the dr. tomorrow
I will feel silly for worrying so darn much
but then there is that part that says that the
above mentioned thinking is to keep me from SOBBING
Who knows ?!?!

Seriously -- all joking aside -- IT WILL BE FINE

Right now i think I am more concerned with my hubby
he just found out today the the promotion he was offered
has been rescended because they switched district managers
and now there is a new DM over the store that he was offered
I know he is disappointed and it may all still work out but I think
he is just so sick of all the back and forth stuff -- It is hard when
our husbands are disappointed - I so want to fix this for him
but it just isn't possible -- all I can do is pray - and though it
doesn't sound like much - I know it is HUGE - I know God
will continue to bless our little family - That is what faith is --



Jana said...

You'll be in my prayers!!

Michael Ann said...

We're with you Shawnna.