Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Artic Blast

(look VERY closely or you will miss the tiny icicles that have formed on the tree branches)

that is what the news is calling our cold weather a little over dramatic if you ask me - but SCHOOL was CLOSED today so that means the kids and I get to hang out - TOTALLY FUN - and they played barbies/GI joes for almost 2 hours without a FIGHT - can we say MIRACLE (noah would NEVER admit to playing barbies with his sister so he always uses his
GI Joe doll - i mean ACTION FIGURE)

so here is to enjoying the
(raising my mug of hot chocolate) :D


Anonymous said...

lol! Arctic Blast! Glad you're kiddos are enjoying their day. :-)

Anonymous said...

wow how exciting - that weather must be freezing your socks off!
take care :)
lusi x