Monday, January 15, 2007

Visions of Cheeseburgers

Visions of Cheeseburgers
that is what his sign read

and though we couldn't
give him one hundred bucks
we could run through the drive
at whataburger and get him a combo

and don't get me wrong - i am not
saying this to boast - because we
really didn't do anything that special
but what i realized is that God helped
me out of my slump - He helped me
to focus on someone ELSE - and really
haven't we all wanted a burger so bad
we could taste it (at one time or another)

So I am so thankful that we happened
upon this man at the right time -I am
happy that we felt God leading us and
we acted on it (sometimes I don't) I am
happy to say that I saw the JOY in his
eyes when my husband handed him the
bag and drink (as the stop light was green)
and said GOD BLESS YOU -- maybe that
small act planted a seed :D :D

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