Thursday, January 04, 2007

It is a NEW YEAR

well as you can see I took a break from blogging over the holidays - it was great to just relax (after the CrAzYneSS of Christmas GIFT making of course) but today I stepped back into the real world - the kids had to go back to school :( and I had to go back to work :( :( I really enjoyed being home - I think heath enjoyed the benefits of that as well -

I can't believe it is 2007 - where has the time gone -- I AM GETTING OLDER -- CraPola -- I have so got to get in better shape -- the past few years I have packed on the pounds -- and I am not talking 10, 15, or even 20 -- this is SERIOUS -- very unhealthy -- so of course i - like everyone else made a commitment (i refuse to call it a resolution - i just hate those - i can never keep them) to get healthy -- but wait i am jumping ahead of myself

1. read my bible DAILY (i will do great with this and then somewhere in the busy ness of life i put it on the back burner)

2. work out 5 days per week -- I would like to make this everyday but really who are we kidding here - and eat better - (i kind of lumped these two together)

3. Be a Better WIFE -- work on my nagging -- seriously sometimes i can't stand to hear MYSELF

4. Be a Better MOTHER -- do more things with the kids that THEY want to do - not just the things that i am WILLING to do -- play with them without being asked to - spent one on one time with each child daily

5. Be more ORGANIZED -- don't laugh - but i used to feel like a PRO in this area but for the past 2 years I have really fell off the wagon -- COME ON SHAWNNA GET IT TOGETHER :D

ok -- so those are my commitments/goals -- but they are NOT - i repeat - NOT - frEaKin ReSoLutionS :D


melissa said...

Hi Shawnna - Those sound a lot like my resolutions, too! I was talking to someone the other day about how my relationship with the Lord was "different" when I was single....seemed to have so much more time, then!!!! Even if I spent a few minutes to read a scripture or two - I know it will make the world of difference....hmmmm I see a 21 day scripture challenge comin' on....hmmmm! Just may be the thing to motivate me! How sad - scrapbooking has to move me to read the bible. Oh goodness! LOL! Happy New Year to you!!

ashlee said...

you are still the most organized person i know:)
good luck with these!!!

ashlee said...

YES!! lets do choosing joy! i told ronnie thats what i wanted to buy with the rest of my christmas money!