Monday, September 17, 2007

9-14 thru TODAY RECAP

Friday - i was busy getting ready to leave for Caddo Mills - had a few hiccups in our plan that almost pushed me over the edge - feel like i am trying to balance on a teeny tiny tight rope and people keep throwing more and more things for me to catch - it all worked out in the end and we mananged to get there safely around midnight

Heath was offered the job in OKLAHOMA on Thursday - he accepted the offer today pending the amount of the relocation package

Saturday - We had the best time with Heath's family in Caddo (NE of Dallas)- I can't wait to share some pictures - the kids had a blast -- Makenna just LOVES Maddie to death - neither one of them wanted the other to leave - The kids roasted marshmallows - YUMMY - we got to see almost everyone - We got tons of mesquito/ant bites but it was so worth seeing everyone and just hanging out outside - it was like a family reunion - lots of people and even more FOOD- we got home around 1:30 am

Sunday - Church - lunch with Heather and her girls at Fuddrucker's - YARD WORK (which seriously wore me out) All I did was trim the hedges and get the grass out of the sidewalk but man I felt like i could sleep for an eternity after that -- MET WITH THE REALTOR

Monday - slept until 11:40 -Lunch with my mil -THANKS!!! it was so yummy - Met with realtor again to discuss what she thought we needed to do and what she wanted to list the house for

today was pretty rough - I am feeling overwhelmed with all that is going on in my life -- I think I have surrendered and waved my white flag AGAIN and AGAIN - the kids were really rough on me tonight - i think they are really struggling with all that is going on too -

I am excited to start preparing for the NEW BIBLE STUDY I will be attending at church on WED mornings (Your Church Experiencing GOD Together) really praying that the time I spend preparing will really get me focused on the things that are important in my life. I know that this "craziness" is only a season and it WILL PASS. Sometimes I loose sight of that


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Erin said...

I so admire your strength for dealing with all you have on your plate without pulling the tablecloth off the table to let the dishes crash and shatter on the floor. :) Hugs to you, my dear friend!!