Sunday, September 09, 2007

September 9th Sunday

today is my sister in laws birthday - so I had to give her a proper SHOUT OUT ;)

today is also GRANDPARENTS DAY so happy day to all those with grandchildren

tired and sore today - swept the floor - did some laundry - rested -- but still tired and sore
I think I am starting to get the feeling back in my neck and OUCH -- pain wise this is one of the THREE BAD DAYS - YUCK

In other news......
I am really wanting to do a Bible Study -- prayed about the few that the Women's Group at my church are doing on Wed. morning. None of them really JUMPED OUT at me. So not sure what that is about. Hoping God will give me some direction.


Erin Bassett said...

The Bible Studies at our church weren't a good fit for me either....I ended up finding out about Bible Study Fellowship from a friend & started attending it. -It's WONDERFUL! I've grown SO much the past few years doing it. You can see if there is one in your area at Feel free to ask me any questions too.

Sharon said...

I feel for you and your struggles. I came to your blog from Stephanie's blog. I am a breast cancer survivor. One thing that helped me was to document everything in a Breast Cancer Scrapbook. (I saw that you are a scrapbooker). I even have pages with pictures of my ultrasound, of me receiving chemotherapy, of my surgeons, etc. And lots and lots of journaling.
With respect to the Bible Studies, I haven't read enough to know where you live, but I have and am currently taking the Precept upon Precept Bible Studies using the Inductive Bible Study Methods and I love them. You can take them at a local church even if you don't go to that church. Right now we are on the book of Daniel. And I just signed up to do a 3 day Precept workshop in Tulsa.
I will keep you, your husband and kids on my prayer list.