Thursday, September 13, 2007


wed. was by far the most productive day I have had since my surgery
I really believe some of this tiredness is just mental --
Yesterday I cleaned 2 bathrooms (that were disgusting-- really i am ashamed I was even letting my family go in there) and i did dishes --- and i also did a few loads of laundry
i was so tired but i just pushed through it -- am i sore today --YEP -- but it is so worth having a clean bathroom

decided today that i am going to go to wed. morning bible studies at church with molly
even though there wasn't a study that REACHED out and GRABBED me - I am going to do it anyway -- and I know God will bless my efforts -- it is more than i am doing know

I used to do bible studies ALL THE TIME - I was always working on something either in a group setting or on my own -- but i have been so lazy this past year -- I have to admit -- SHAMEFULLY -- that I have been just sort of reading the bible -- not even really digging in -- just sort of skimming -- SO hopefully this bible study will help me push through to the next level

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Sandra Smart said...

Shawnna, I am sure your Bible study will be wonderful. Anytime you can share the word of God with someone, it is a blessing and you will touch someone's life. You have so much to share! And I will be praying for you that all goes well.
Love and blessings,