Monday, September 10, 2007

MY CUP OVER FLOWS Sept. 10 follow up with the surgeon

had my follow up with the surgeon today it was pretty uneventful -- He said the incision looks good and that he felt good about the amount of tissue he was able to remove -- He wanted to know who my oncologist was and when my appt. was with him yadda yadda but no new news or anything

started off in a "not so great" mood today slept until almost NOON - and was still tired - not to mention RUNNING BEHIND. Had several phone calls to make and had to leave messages with everyone (knowing i wouldn't be home to recieve the return calls). Was a little erked with the dr. appt. But when I got home I had a SUPER FABULOUS MAIL DAY!!!

I can't even believe all the RAK's my friends from TSR sent --
Molly Joly sent me 4 packs of mini me primas
Shirley sent me a beautiful card as well as some "SUPER STAR" bling
and several of the girls chipped in and bought me THIS MONTHS KIT (+ the embellie kit and paper add on) from The Scrap Room

I can't even begin to express the gratitude that is in my heart
I am OVERWHELMED with emotion
When I recieved the kit I immediately thought
"OH NO Tammy accidentally sent me a kit"
(i spent some money at the lss and had to pass on the
kit because things are REALLY TIGHT around here - dr bills and such)
I was so surprised to see the note that said my TSR gal pals all chipped in and got it for me thank you SO SO SO MUCH -- I don't know how I managed to make such awesome friends I DON'T DESERVE ANY OF THIS - but I am SO THANKFUL to have such AWESOME women in my life.

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Laurie said...

I am so happy for you on your fab mail day!!! What awesome gal pals you have!!! It is so awesome when women step up to support eachother! I know I only know you by blog and SIStv, but know that you do deserve the awesome blessings that are coming your way!!! Keep your chin up and keep fighting girlie! You will win!