Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sept. 8th SATURDAY

I was surprised by a LOVELY (LOVE,ELSIE) Riley RAK (random act of kindness) by my buddy Lan -- She sent me the FRIENDS Chipboard album - the soft charms - and the rubons - WHAT A SWEETIE

also I neglected to mention that my friend SHELLBOWIE sent me some awesome transparencies she made using the Hambly OWL Rubons -- (I love Owls) she also made a super sweet OWL iron on -- can't wait to use it :D

Today was BUSY BUSY - made 17 halloween cards for a upcoming Swap on TSR. I still have 20 more to make but I am feeling good with my progress thus far

Went to eat at OTB with Melissa and her pal - We had a good time - fun to just get out of the house a bit -- OH EXCEPT for the part where I tried to eat a chip --- hmmmm....... surgery and chips don't mix well -- I thought I was going to CHOKE TO DEATH -- which was kind of funny when you think about it -- because.... well.... I do have cancer ---- could you imagine dying at the corner both at ON THE BORDER -- ok so maybe i have a freakishly weird sense of humor - but i found it funny

Had a long phone call with my cousin Tasha - LOVE THAT GAL -- LOVE HER TO PIECES

So today was a good day (said in my best ICE CUBE voice)

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