Thursday, September 13, 2007

9/13/07 Thurs BIG MISTAKES

Have to do laundry today -- and i should have but i decided to bail out and have some fun with my girls --- They needed to shop for clothes and I went along to be their fashion consultant -- I guess that is one good thing about having a friend who is BRUTALLY HONEST ;) We all had a blast

Today I realized i made a BIG BOO BOO -- this is probably the BIGEST $$ messup I have ever made in my entire life (except for buying that chevy s10 pickup - the resale value on that thing was horrible) So PRAISE GOD I have such a forgiving husband - if he would have messed up our checking acct. this bad I may have divorced him *(totally kidding - but I am sure I would have yelled)* So I have apologized to ALL INVOLVED and I am just PRAYING that God will help me out of this mess. This is VERY HUMBLING -- which can be a bit painful - OUCH! But it is a lesson that I needed, I am sure.

Wanting to finish the last pencil bouquet tonight for Noah's NEW teacher -- I will take a picture and upload it later to show you. I know someone was asking about them in the comments --

We are leaving to go out of town tomorrow so I will be OUT-IE for the weekend -- Hope you all have a GREAT ONE :D :D

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ashlee said...

oh my dear how i have been in your place:) the check book doesn't just go on hiatus if you are too scared to balance not sure why i thought that would be the case!

I just got the best news i've heard in a while:):):)

see ya soon!!!!!!!!