Friday, September 21, 2007

Tuesday September 18th thru Friday September 21

Ok let me just say -- this week has FLOWN BY -- where did it go - I so want to blog everyday and I mean to - it just isn't working - so here is yet another catch up post

Tuesday - worked on my bible study -- There is some pretty deep stuff in there - Emailed my doctor about being so tired and stuff - he wants me to come in for some blood work - he says he may have to up my Rx??

Wednesday - went to bible study - it was very interesting it is with a group of ladies I have never been in study with before (which is a little scary at first but SO AWESOME - it is great to hear their perspectives and share in their knowledge) I had such a great time - and can't wait to go back next week -- I originally was just going to jump in where I was (they started the study two weeks ago) but I am really learning so much that I am now starting from the beginning and working through -- I hope to be caught up with everyone else by next Wed.

Molly and I went to lunch and then to the mall -- We had so much fun - she needed makeup and I needed to get my nephew a birthday present

Went to ITZ's for Cristion's birthday party -- We had such a fun time - I will have to take the kids back before we move - it was such a cool place

Thursday -- met with the oncologist - he did blood work and then I had to have more blood work done at my other doctors office -- OUCH

I will hopefully be going into the hospital for radiation in about 2 weeks - it all depends on my TSH Level -- (they took me off of my meds today) they can't do the radiation until it reaches 50+ -- but they drew blood today to see where i am and i will just go back every week or so until it gets to 50+ then they will order the "PILL" (the doctor joked about how they will order it CUSTOM just for me - GEEE aren't I special ;) -- and I can be admitted on the following Monday for treatment -- They had previously said 3 days but i was thinking that meant go in on monday and then come home around noonish on Wed. -- today i found out it will be at least 3 (24 hour days) and could be up to 5 -- it just depends on how quickly my body gets rid of the
yucky stuff ;) they can't let me be out and about while I am GLOWING ;)-- once I am down to a certain level I will be able to go home but even then i will still be radioactive (for seven more days) so I can't be around the kids - or anyone that is pregnant or of "childbearing age" -- and also i have to sleep alone (and with my husband about to be leaving for his job this is not what we had in mind )

Sounds crazy right -- there were all these crazy things that i have to do -- like don't share a toilet with anyone -- wash my eating utensils seperate from everyone else's (or use disposable) don't share drinks -- the kids can't even sit in my lap

and while i am in the hospital - I can't have VISITORS - can you imagine being confined to one room for so many days -- JEEPERS - I am liable to go NUTS-O in there ;)

on the job front - Heath took the job in Oklahoma and he will start on OCT 15 -- EEEK right around the corner -- but they gave him an AWESOME relocation package - so that is exciting

we had someone come to look at the house Thursday night -- I was so hoping he would want to buy it (he flips houses and has rental property I think?) then maybe we could all move down together or shortly after -- but he called today and said it wouldn't be a great investment for him - I think because he usually buys them dirt cheap because they are already beat up and run down (and since ours isn't) and we have only owned it for 4 years we aren't in a position to give him a LOW LOW deal

you don't know of anyone who wants to buy a house in the Houston area do you ???? :D :D

Friday - Worked on my Bible Study -- SO LOVING IT - i have done three loads of laundry - vacuumed the upstairs (even vacuumed the kids ceilings - i know it sounds crazy but the ceiling fan was blowing dust onto them and well once i get started cleaning - it is really hard for me to stop) made all the beds - then i got sick YUCK - hope it doesn't have anything to do with them taking me off of my meds????? The kids will be home in about an hour and a half -- we don't have anything big planned for the weekend so hopefully they will just want to play and hang out - I could really go for a LOW KEY couple of days


Erin said...

I'm so glad you are liking the Bible study!! What a great way to spend some time each week!!

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, and I so hope the kids take it easy on you this weekend!! :)


Michael Ann said...

You are doing GREAT!

Sandra Smart said...

Sorry to hear about all you will have to go through. Wish I were closer to help you out! But I will continue to pray for you and your family.

ashlee said...

im so excited for you guys to come!
as for the glowing...if that were really the case noah would think you were the COOLEST!!!I know it will be tough but you've got God on your side!!
Prayers for you and your family are ongoing in this house!