Friday, September 07, 2007


Makenna - My little girl has wanted an American Girl for about 3 years (she had a friend in preschool that was an ONLY CHILD ;) and had all kinds of American Girl stuff) So my mother bought her the EMILY doll, with accessories, of course for her birthday.
It came in the mail yesterday. Yes, I know that Makenna's birthday was actually at the end of June but my mom wanted to make sure that this is what she wanted. We gave Makenna the big speech - You know you could get a lot of other stuff for $102 -- and while Makenna went back and forth on weather she wanted to get the MOLLY doll or the EMILY doll - she was certain she WANTED an AMERICAN GIRL DOLL
I can't even tell you or explain the excitement on her face. It was priceless. ***yes i did indeed take pictures, i am a scrapbooker after all***
Emily and Makenna were inseperable for the entire night - She even fixed a special spot for Emily on her bed.
This morning she put her doll back into the box and left her on the kitchen table so she could "unwrap her again when she got off the bus" - ISN'T that just the CUTEST THING!!!

So thank you MOM for making my little girls dream of owning her own REAL American Girl come true.

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