Tuesday, September 11, 2007


today, 9/11/2007, I am so thankful for the life that I have, the country I live in, and all the men and woman who serve this great country.

When I think back to that day 6 years ago I can't help but get teary eyed. I wonder about all the families that were touched by this tragedy. How they are doing now. My heart (and my prayers) go out to them.

Today was pretty laid back for me. I ended up sleeping until almost noon. Seems like I need about 10 -12 hours of sleep a night versus my usual 4-6 hours. Maybe all that "lack of sleep" is just catching up to me. The doctors say to just take it easy but I can't help but notice all the dust and of course the ring that is forming around the bathtub ;)

One of my bestest buddies took me out to lunch today and then to Hobby Lobby. We had a BLAST!!!! -- THANK YOU MOLLY - you are truly too too sweet.

I also got ANOTHER RAK in the mail -- THANK YOU SHELL ORIOLD for the awesome pack of DAISY D's PAPER -- it is BEAUTIFUL!

I managed to clean the 1/2 bath downstairs today!! YEAH! GO ME!! :D :D now tomorrow I will tackle the other 2 bathrooms - make phone calls - and do laundry (ok so maybe I have so hefty goals but being positive can't hurt, right?)

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